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Lesson 2—The Road Less Traveled

Text:  John 14:6

The idea of following as an all-consuming non-negotiated, defining and driving force of life has to struggle and scrape to find a place in a world bent on authority, status, power, and self-managed existence. Management sections of bookstores are replete with books on self-help and how to lead. There are few found on how to be a follower.

Discuss:  The trouble with followership is that it is on a collision course with a culture in which the prominent goals are power, position, autonomy and control.

Why does our society fear following?

Deep down all of us cringe at the thought of giving up our _______________________. It is a condition that directly relates to our ___________________--a condition we inherited from birth. Yet interestingly, God created us to _________________.


Genesis 3:1-6 relates how Adam and Eve took Satan’s offer of a self-managed approach to life. In doing so, they didn’t cease to follow God; they just got locked into following their own ________________ and ______________________ instincts instead.


The agonizing irony is that we spend our entire lives following—but nobody wants to admit it. The more we reach for autonomy the more we become __________________ as followers. The more we do life our way, the more we lose our __________________.


Discuss:  If independence were all it’s cracked up to be, you would think that our lead your own life culture would be overwhelmed by joy. Yet happiness increasingly eludes us.


Amid all this emptiness and uncertainty, Jesus Christ rises like a phoenix and with boldness calls, “Follow Me.” When He stated,  “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6) He claimed to be the ______________ and ___________________ force of life.

  • No other historical person has had so many convinced followers

  • No one who has authentically followed Him without compromise has become ______________________ or _____________________

  • Yet most of us have not felt the need to become _____________________________________ _______________ of Christ.

  • We sooth our conscience by following Him ____________________________ when it’s convenient and self-gratifying.

  • We wonder why the Christian life seems ritualistic, burdensome, and at times boring.

  • It’s no different than a person who goes hungry because they refuse to buy food.